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XRL Co-location arrangement discussion with Tanya Chan & Lawrence Ma, retiree contribution to society (30 Dec 2017)


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On Wednesday, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee voted that part of the West Kowloon terminus should be regarded as mainland territory governed by mainland laws, a move that critics say further erodes the SAR’s autonomy and contradicts the Basic Law. With us in the studio are Tanya Chan, barrister, Civic Party legislator and member of the Panel on Transport, and Lawrence Ma, DAB member, barrister and chairman of the CA Legal Exchange Foundation to talk about the issue. The average lifespan for men in Hong Kong is 81 years and four months. Women get about six years longer. Those figures come from a study released in Japan last year, where those aged above 65 account for 12% of the workforce, and two-thirds of this age group say they want to stay gainfully employed. Hong Kong’s retirees rarely have the choice, with even the government enforcing retirement on its own employees at 60 or 65. Not only that, those who are retired can’t expect a lot of support. Architect Rocco Yim says that when he designed the government complex at Tamar he had in mind the idea of “an open door and not a barrier”. Well instead of an open door, fences have been put up around the complex and metal barricades are erected outside the Legislative Council building itself whenever the government expects rowdy protests. Since 2014, the so-called “Civic Square” the forecourt of the government headquarters, has been cordoned off after sit-ins that sparked the Occupy Movement. On Thursday, the government reopened that area as a passageway for visitors and staff, protests at this site will be permitted by appointment, and only on Sundays and public holidays. We’ll leave you with images of that interesting form of “re-opening”. See you next week in the new year for which best wishes from all of us here at The Pulse. Goodbye.

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Saturday, December 30, 2017
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