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"We Will Rock You"; Film Review - "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"; Lu Houmin - Official Photographer to Chairman Mao; Andy Warhol's Mao series; "We Rock for Sichuan" Charity Conce (27 May 2008)


The musical "We Will Rock You" is built around the songs of the rock group Queen, the title is that of one of their hit singles. The show is running at the Hong Kong Academy for Perfoming Arts until the middle of June. The story and dialogue are by British writer and comedian Ben Elton, in collaboration with the band ’ s drummer Roger Taylor and guitarist Brian May. We talk to Elton, Taylor, and members of the cast. Steven Spielberg and George Lucas premiered the latest Indiana Jones movie at the Cannes Film Festival just last week, and it's already on show in Hong Kong. But was it worth the 19 year wait since the last one? Gary Pollard tells us more. For a generation of Chinese, iconic photographs of Mao helped to immortalise the leader nicknamed "The Great Helmsman". One of the men who created them was Lu Houmin. Lu was an official Mao photographer for 12 years. We spoke to him last week. Andy Warhol also created iconic images of Chairman May, but Warhol certainly was not approaching it from a political point of view. He chose Mao because he was fascinated by celebrity, fascinated by mass-consumer culture, and saw the repetition of Mao as something similar to how celebrities were reproduced in fanzines and magazines. Currently, many of Warhol's Mao prints and paintings are on display in Hong Kong. On Sunday, many of Hong Kong's independent rock bands and their fans gathered at the Fringe Club to raise money to help victims of the Sichuan earthquake. All proceeds from the concert and the sale of drinks went to charities operating in the region. The Works went down to take a look, and we end this week with highlights of the concert.

The Works
Publish Date: 
Tuesday, May 27, 2008
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