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Vote-rigging ; Why Hong Kong needs an archive law? ; "One drop aroma" ; Operation Santa Claus (25 Nov 2011)


The district council elections are over, but questions remain about whether some of the voters even exist. Some news organizations have reported that there was a considerable increase in registered voters in some districts. Some voters with different surnames even registered the same address. The owner of one of these highly populated units in Mei Foo Sun Chuen is a member of the Guangdong Standing Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. This week, the think tank Civic Exchange launched a report called “The Memory Hole: Why Hong Kong Needs an Archives Law.” It asks, simply, why Hong Kong doesn’t have a law, as almost every developed country in the world that obligates governments to keep public records, and keep them in good shape. With us in the studio is one of the authors of that report, Nick Frisch. Eat at home, do your own cooking, buy fresh produce, and you can be reasonably sure that the food you are putting in your mouth is safe and additive free. But eat out regularly, or buy processed foods, and you can never be quite as sure. One additive, the Chinese name of which translates as “one drop aroma” is not officially for sale locally. But it could still be making its way into our food, particularly via the catering industry. It is easy readily available in Shenzhen food wholesale markets. As we reported last week, this year’s charity drive Operation Santa Claus is under way. And while the world once again isn’t in the best financial shape, the organisers are hoping that – as in the past – the Hong Kong public will dig into its collective pockets, and spare a little change for 16 good causes.

The Pulse
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Friday, November 25, 2011
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