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Traffic Chaos; Revising the Inland Revenue Ordinance; CSSA and the Single Parent; the Hong Kong Toilet Association (13 May 2005)


On Monday this week, Hong Kong traffic was at a standstill after heavy rains and high winds. The extent of the congestion wasn't really made public until the following day on the morning radio shows. Both the government and the media seemed unable to tell the public what was going on during the congestion. RTHK's Cliff Bale tells us the problems the media faced in getting the whole picture. Hong Kong's Inland Revenue Ordinance hasn't been revised for almost 30 years. This week legislative Councillor Mandy Tam introduced a motion urging the government to conduct a comprehensive review. Among those most likely to need the help of social security payments are single parents. But the government's now proposing that they should go out to work to earn at least a little money to be eligible. The parents want to know who is going to look after their kids. A new organisation, the Hong Kong Toilet Association, was inaugurated this week to fight for better public rest rooms. We follow up on the story.

The Pulse
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Friday, May 13, 2005
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