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Thanks But No Thanks; A New Newspaper Price War?; Native English-Speaking Teachers - Dwindling Supply (28 Oct 2005)


Once again the Motion of Thanks for the Chief Executive's Policy Address failed to pass, with the democrats particularly determined to stand against the slow speed of constitutional reform. But do the government proposals already do enough to win over public opinion? Will it be the democrats who lose popularity if they reject them? From Wednesday of last week The Sun has been halving its price and giving away a coupon every day that pretty much gives readers a free paper. Is this going to escalate into a full-scale price war? And why such desperate measures? Although Native English-speaking Teachers are very popular with students, figures released by the government on Monday showed that of the 146 such primary teachers due to renew their contracts this summer 46% refused. 53% of the 154 secondary NETs eligible to do so refused to renew theirs either. The government's trying to come up with ways to attract more, and encourage them to stay.

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Friday, October 28, 2005
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