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[Should the police deserve more pay?] (05 Jul 2009)


<p>Today&#39;s guest Mr. Dave Williams (the Chairman of Overseas Inspectors&#39; Association, HK Police) and Miss Audrey Eu (Civil Party Legislator) will based on the grade structure in police, the duties and working hours of police, also the social issues to discuss the issue about the pay trend of police. Mr. Dave Williams also explains reasons that the number of police leaving is going to exceed the number of police have trained in a year, as police got a very good salary begin as a Junior officer but lost advantages when they become a sergeant. In additions, government said that police would be independent and have their own pay scale 20 years ago, however, the pay scale have to link through an internal relativities system. Should police be dealt with differently and separately? How would people react if government suddenly says that police would have more paid during this economic drown term?</p>

Publish Date: 
Sunday, July 5, 2009
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