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Shortage of international school places ; Mainland meddling in Hong Kong politics (09 Dec 2011)


The American Chamber of Commerce recently warned the government that Hong Kong's status as a world-class city is under threat because the shortage of international school places has reached a crisis point. It’s not the only chamber of commerce to have done so. Companies are finding it harder to recruit. International school places are woefully oversubscribed, not least because more and more local parents are opting out of the local education system.With us in the studio are Amcham’s Robert Chipman, legislator Miriam Lau, and Amanda Chapman, a native English teacher who has experienced the difficulties first hand. We did ask the Education Bureau to take part in this discussion, but received only a written reply to some questions in which they said that around 5,000 international school places are expected to come on stream in the coming few years. The bureau says it has taken a three-pronged approach to promote the development of the international school sector, namely, facilitating expansion of existing international schools; and allocating vacant school premises and greenfield sites for development of international schools.In 1989, Jiang Zemin famously quoted a proverb, "The well water does not interfere with the river water," to explain that Chinese government should not be interfering in Hong Kong politics and vice versa.As evidence of vote rigging in the recent district council elections grows to ever more alarming proportions, Next Magazine has revealed something of a smoking gun, minutes from a meeting of the Hong Kong CPPCC Provincial Members association asking its members to influence the elections in any way they could.So how’s that separation of well water and river water going?With us in the studio are Willy Lam, Chip Tsao, and Hugo Restall.

The Pulse
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Friday, December 9, 2011
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