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Sexual conviction record check scheme, CE election planning ; Interview with Chan Koon-chung ; Operation Santa Claus begins (18 Nov 2011)


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First in this week's show, it’s one of the worst fears of many parents, that someone in a position of trust may abuse their children. The government‘s new Sexual Conviction Record Check Scheme, introduced this week, may allay some of those fears. Even before their formal declaration of their candidacies, expected to come at the end of this month, the two front runners for the city’s top job, former Chief Secretary Henry Tang and former Executive Council convenor Leung Chun-ying, joined the first formal debate over housing policy last weekend. Rita Fan has sad she is not running. Although the chance of democrat Albert Ho becoming Chief Executive post is zero, the pan-democratic camp is hoping that his participation in the race might influence future policy. Regina Ip says she still needs more time to decide. Meanwhile the stage is being set.Born in Shanghai, and raised in Hong Kong, as an adult author Chan Koon-chung previously set up home in both Hong Kong and Taipei. In 2000, in order to learn more about mainland China and to write, he relocated to Beijing.His newly-translated novel “The Fat Years” is set in Beijing in 2013. Although it’s set in the future, it reflects some of the complexities of contemporary life in China. The Chinese version was published in Hong Kong and Taiwan in 2009. To date, it’s banned on the mainland. We talk to Chan Koon-chung.Finally for this week, Santa Claus is coming to town. It may seem early, but we’re talking about the annual Operation Santa Claus campaign, which kicked off on Monday to raise money for sixteen deserving causes.

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Friday, November 18, 2011
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