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Seasonal Seas (30 Sep 2008)


The warm currents in spring awake the underwater world by announcing the start of the mating season. When summer approaches, sea creatures are busy finding their partners for reproduction.In Hong Kong, major spawning sessions occur around the full moon between May and July. Under the bright moonlight, coral polyps spawn collectively on the same night, making the underwater world look like a charming snowy night.While sea creatures gradually mature in autumn, their colours and forms could be very different from their juvenile stages.In the winter, while trees wither on land, thick layers of seaweeds turn the blue ocean into a green forest. Low water temperatures encourage the growth of seaweeds. The thriving seaweeds provide a mobile home for many sea creatures. Among them are fragile young lives which are born in the summer. Seaweeds provide them with shelter and food for their survival. Ocean inhabitants like sea stars, seahorses, clown fishes and corals all try their best to survive the adversities posed by nature and man. They carry on the mission to reproduce and thrive.

Sea World Odyssey
Publish Date: 
Tuesday, September 30, 2008
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