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[Saceed Aljunaibi views on the terrorism and the Muslim world] (26 Apr 2009)


<p>Today&#39;s program will talk about terrorism, Islam and Middle East peacewith Saceed Aljunaibi who is the Consul-General of the United ArabEmirates. According to Obama&#39;s statement recently said that the U.S. isnot at war with Islam, it shows that Obama willing to deal with theconflicts between The U.S. and Muslim world. Is the Muslim worldconvinced by Obama&#39;s statement? Does Muslim world feel that the West has been at war with them since the 9/11 attacks? How does Mr. SaceedAljunaibi change the mindset that many people do associate the Muslimreligion with terrorism? And does he agree with that Muslim faith hasbeen hi-jacked by a small group of militant Islamists? Besides, was theIraq invasion is a mistake? Could he expect that Benjamin Netanyahu&#39;selection as the prime minster of Israel will create more friction withthe Arab world? And how willing is the Arab world to have peace withIsrael? Varies questions would be discussed by Mr. Saceed Aljunaibi</p>

Publish Date: 
Sunday, April 26, 2009
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