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Return of WANDA (28 Sep 2005)


1st September, 1962 : “ Super-typhoon ” Wanda;Government statistics: 130 dead, 53 missing, over 600 injured and 46000 suffered;The above are not just figures. They are the collective memories of Hong Kong mid-age and elderly. In the past twenty years time, typhoon signal no.10 had only been hoisted once, ie. Typhoon York in 1999. But its influence cannot be compared with those happening in the 60 ’ s like Wanda. The power of typhoon has been depreciated. However, when Wanda “ return ” one day, or even a more powerful typhoon come to Hong Kong, what will be happening?In this episode, we will go back to 1962, at the time Wanda was depredating Hong Kong. Then we will looking forward to see the possibility of a super-typhoon coming in the foreseeable future. Through experiments in laboratory, we try to understand more the sustainability of curtain wall as well as structure of high riser buildings under strong wind. Far more, scientists are trying to alter the pathway of typhoon to diminish loss of life. Can human master the nature?

Meteorology Series
Publish Date: 
Wednesday, September 28, 2005
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