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In Retrospect (21 Aug 2008)


Producer: Chan Kwok-Kuen; August in Beijing, everyone feels the extremely hot wave from the sun. But it cannot compare with the heat of the Olympics. It has been 100 years since Chinese people first started dreaming about the Olympics. 100 years later, it has not been an east road for China to host the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It also remarks the political changes of China throughout the century. Zhang Boling, who established Tianjin Nankai High School and University, is the pioneer of Chinese Olympics. Early in the pervious century, he already promoted the idea of China ’ s participation in the Olympic Games, so as to bring the country to the international society. He has moved many young people in Tianjin. And these young people started to wonder the same questions. When can China join the Olympics? When can China sent its delegation to it? When can we host the Games? All these dreams have finally been fulfilled. Liu Changchun joined the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1932 as the first Chinese athlete in the Games. And in 1984, China finally won her first gold medal in the Olympic Games in the same host city, Los Angeles. This year, the dream has been completely achieved when the Olympic torch is lit in the Beijing Olympic venue.

Glamour of sports: Chinese Heritage
Publish Date: 
Thursday, August 21, 2008
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