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Retreat To A Leisurely Life (16 Aug 2006)


What kind of life do we aspire in the city? Are we more attracted to materialistic or spiritual needs? How to live a more carefree life? Three friends from Taiwan and Hong Kong will share their experience with us.A remote restaurant hides in the mountains of the Taipei province. Without any advertising or even a menu, they are fully booked for at least a month in advance. The restaurant is called "Shi Yang Shan Fang" (meaning a room where you eat and feel the mountains). They can only serve one hundred guests or so for each meal. It's not just the food they serve, but the space that filled with Zen, art and culture, and reflects the personality of its owner.Guests come from afar to "Shi Yang Shan Fang" to enjoy a cup of tea, to eat, and to appreciate Kun Opera. The art of living fills your heart so naturally. Guests are very thankful to the owner who brings dreams to them.It's fashionable to be a "holiday farmer" in Hong Kong. Our society still measures success by status and monetary gains. Only few people are dared to turn hobby into career and become a full-time farmer.Gary and Gavin quitted their job as designers two years ago and pursue their long-time dream of starting a garden of herbs. From then onwards, they no longer have a stable income or a comfortable workplace with air-conditioning.On the Labour Day of 2003, they started their work on farm: to weed, reclaim, sow, manure, and water. The two friends share all labor.They said, "It's such a joy to turn a hobby into a career, and a career into a way of life and vice versa."Gary and Gavin have encountered many failures and taunts, but they never feel sorry about their decision. Even when their income is just half what they used to earn, they always wear a smile - Gary and Gavin know well that they are earning much more joys and fulfillments now.

Under the Same Sky
Publish Date: 
Wednesday, August 16, 2006
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