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Rainy and Sunny Days (05 Oct 2005)


The “ June 18 rainstorm ” is a painful collective memory of Hong Kong people. The temporary housing in Gai Liu (?寮) Resettlement Area and the Kotewall Building (旭龢大廈) in Mid-Level collapsed on the same day due to landslide, resulting in 130 casualties. Innumerable people lost their homes and assets. In front of natural disaster, all men are equal. Coming to the 90-decade, the Kwun Lung Lau (觀龍樓) incident further brought the attention of people to dangerous slopes. In recent years, the Hong Kong Observatory made reference to experiences in the States and Japan and worked out a suitable rainstorm forecast system for Hong Kong which could effectively tell the rainstorm situation in the next 3 hours. The Hong Kong Observatory also exchanges radar information with the Guangdong Observatory in a bid to enhance accuracy of the forecast system.

Meteorology Series
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Wednesday, October 5, 2005
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