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Public hospital doctors protest, panel discussion with Sophie Chan, Under Sec of Food & Health & Kwok Ka-ki, Legco panels and committees dominated by pro-govt lawmakers (24 Oct 2015)


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Standby for more conflict between pro-democrat and pro-government lawmakers as the pro-establishment side made a clean sweep of controlling positions on the Legislative Council’s panels and subcommittees. But first: on Wednesday, more than 1,300 public hospital doctors staged a sit-in at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. They were asking for a 3% pay increase, in line with that recently awarded to senior civil servants. The Hospital Authority, which initially rejected, now says it "supported in principle" the pay rise. With us in the studio are Under Secretary for Food and Health and former Medical functional constituency legislator Kwok Ka-ki who now sits in Legco, representing the New Territories West Constituency. In last year’s Legco session pan-democrats occasionally managed to outmanoeuvre the pro-government camp for positions on the councils committees, sub-committees and panels. Not this year. Pro-government lawmakers now head two influential committees, the House and Finance committees, dominate the establishment and public works subcommittees under the Finance committee, and have secured the chairmanship of 16 of the 18 panels. That’s it for this week. And we end with the art of the kowtow. President Xi Jinping’s been on a four-day visit to the United Kingdom, and – with the British government demonstrating the its willingness to contort itself magnificently for an estimated 30 million pounds of trade and investment – the “reddest of red carpets” was rolled out. In Britain itself the government has been criticised for selling out human rights for silver, And a controversial deal was signed for China’s participation in building nuclear power plants. China’s state media has described all this as a “new golden era” of “win win results” – Meanwhile the golden era of The Pulse continues. See you next week. Goodbye.

The Pulse
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Saturday, October 24, 2015
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