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Property Developers and Public Space; The Work of Medecins Sans Frontieres - Dr. Christophe Fournie, International President, MSF; Macau - Coping With the Boom (07 Mar 2008)


According to the Hong Kong government, there are approximately 150 private developments with public facilities, of which around 30 are categorised as public open space. Developers may have incorporated such access in their plans to increase their chances of getting planning permission, or the government may have insisted on them. However, it's not easy for members of the public to know what they can do in these public places. Or even where they are. And some developers may be breaking the agreements to provide the public access. As doctors who provide humanitarian assistance in the world's trouble spots, the members of Medecins Sans Frontieres confront some of the harshest political and social realities on Earth. Talking to us about this in the studio is the group's international president Dr Christophe Fournier. Things are definitely heating up in Macau. From a small Portuguese enclave with a decidedly Mediterranean ambience, it has become the Las Vegas of the east, the only place in Greater China where casino gambling is legal. Over the next decade, about 60 new hotels will open here. The opening up of the gambling scene since 2002 has led to an acute strain on essential resources, including electricity, water and transport. Macau residents have been caught up in the explosive growth of the past few years in many ways.

The Pulse
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Friday, March 7, 2008
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