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Pressuring the next Chief Executive; Media Crackdown on the Mainland; Food Labelling and the Chronically Ill; The Social Stigma of Mental Illness (10 Jun 2005)


The new Chief Executive hasn't been elected yet, but individuals and interest groups are already trying to pressurise the leading candidate to go one way or another if he gets in. Most of the media emphasis in the past has been on the CE being Beijing's puppet, but that doesn't stop local interests from also trying to pull strings. There's news this week that mainland authorities have ordered all China-based websites and blogs to register or be closed down. It's the latest move by the government in the attempt to police cyberspace. That follows, of course, the recent detention of journalist Ching Cheong, and two academics, as well as a tightening of controls on the media within the country. Nicolas Becquelin of Human Rights in China talks to us in the studio about what's going on. Legco Health Services representative Joseph Lee feels the Government's proposal to introduce a two-phase Labelling Scheme on Nutrition Information doesn't help the public, and particularly those with chronic diseases, to obtain accurate food nutrition information quickly enough. He wants the government to speed up the introduction of the scheme. On Tuesday the Baptist Oi Kwan Social Centre gave a press conference about the problems the formerly mentally-ill face in reintegrating into society. Many who suffer from problems like depression don't want to admit it, and are afraid to ask for help.

The Pulse
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Friday, June 10, 2005
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