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Population Policy Consultation, From TV Licence to Constitutional Crisis (25 Oct 2013)


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Hong Kong’s workforce is expected to decline quickly in the next two decades. And the population is aging. By 2041, only 1.8 people of working age - defined as those between 15 and 64 - will support one dependent elderly person financially. Currently the ratio is 5:1. On Thursday the government launched a four-month consultation on population policy, and it’s policy that involves a wide range of factors. It's not just about bringing immigrants in, but also about providing an environment, political, social and ecological, in which longtime Hong Kong residents feel they want to stay. With us in the studio to discuss this are Paul Yip a professor of social work and social administration at the University of Hong Kong who contributed to the consultation paper , and Audrey Eu of the Civic Party. The protests outside the Legislative Council and Central Government Offices at Tamar continue, and the public and many politicians are still asking for answers. The question is simple: how come out of three potential television operators, the one that was most popular with the public, and that had done most work to back up its application for a free-TV licence was the only one that didn’t get one? Particularly as earlier statements had suggested that there was not an upper limit on the number of potential licensees.

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Friday, October 25, 2013
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