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Policy address (13 Jan 2005)


In the Chief Executive's 8th Policy Address this week he talked of boosting Hong Kong's creative industries, including the film industry, but the speech was short of concrete proposals. Claudia Mo talks to film producer Nansun Shi and vice-chairman of the MPIA Ma Fung-kwok We have a profile of three English cartoonists and illustrators based in Hong Kong, all of whom recently had books out, ranging from political satire to scenes of Hong Kong and China. Cartoonists: Gavin Coates and Harry Harrison, and illustrator Lorette Roberts Chinese New Year ’ s approaching, and it ’ s a time when many turn to Almanacs or fortune telling books. But now more and more of these books are finding a Western audience. We talk to fortune-tellers and publishers about the changing market. Movie Watch: Oliver Stone's new historical epic “ Alexander ” opens here this week. Geoffrey Wong reviews it.

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Thursday, January 13, 2005
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