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The New Chief Executive and the Future of Exco; Concerns about the arrest of Journalist Ching Cheong in Guangzhou; Air-Conditioning - The Big Freeze; The Christian Industrial Council Turns a New Page (03 Jun 2005)


The day before we aired would-be Chief Executive Donald Tsang revealed his election platform, including building increased trust between Hong Kong and the mainland, and a revamp of the Executive Council. But why does Exco need a revamp? Hong Kong journalist Ching Cheong was detained in Guangzhou on April 22nd and has since been accused of spying. Now he's under residential confinement in Beijing without the benefit of a trial. The Hong Kong Journalists' Association's Mak Yin-ting is with us in the studio to discuss his detention. Hong Kong summer can be great if you want to bask in the sun, not always so comfortable if you don't. But if you decide to enjoy yourself indoors to avoid the high temperatures and humidity you could find yourself freezing at the other end of the temperature scale. Do we need to keep our air-conditioners so low? Inevitably any organisation that fights for the rights of workers is going to be political in some aspect of its operations. But there comes a time when too much of a reputation for political activities can interfere with its work on labour issues. That's the dilemma facing the long-established Christian Industrial Committee, which is drastically revising its structure and focus.

The Pulse
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Friday, June 3, 2005
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