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Low End Population (04 May 2018)


The sage of China's "low-end population" stemmed from a huge fire in Beijing in the harsh winter of 2017. The inferno razed an apartment building on the outskirts of the Capital, killing 19 people. It prompted the Municipal Government to dismantle a host of buildings deemed illegal. Residents evicted were dubbed the “low-end population”. They’re the hordes of migrant workers who sought a better life in the nation’s capital. But they were driven out from their hearth and home, even expelled from the city under the guise of “eliminating hidden dangers.” Residents had their water and electricity curtailed, others were forced to sleep in the streets. Some chose to return to their native villages. Who is “low end”, who is “high end”? The issue has become a global hot topic. Some foreign media have described this as a humanitarian disaster for China. Beijing artist Hua Yong was arrested by authorities for filming a documentary of the "low-end population”. He noted Chinese people are powerless to resist tyranny but urged them to have the courage to tell the truth in order to reverse their fate.

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Publish Date: 
Friday, May 4, 2018
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