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Interview/Performance - Pianist Chen Weiyin; Interview/Performance - Pianist Gloria Chuang; "Chinese is a Plus" Video Installation; Film Review - "Iron Man"; "Nocturne" Photo Exhibition by Alfred Ko (06 May 2008)


Tonight's show is of particular interest to piano lovers. We have not one, but two pianists in the studio performing for us. One of them is Chen Weiyin, who is in Hong Kong this week to perform Grieg's Piano Concerto with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. Still in her early twenties, Chen is already making a big name for herself. And we also talk to, and hear a contemporary piece from, teacher and pianist Dr Gloria Chuang. Video artist duo Sylvie Boisseau and Frank Westermeyer found a link between China and Europe in a Chinese language school. Germans study Putonghua there, as do German-Chinese trying to reconnect with China. The couple use non-actors and unscripted dialogue for their videos, which they film and edit themselves. Their debut solo exhibition in Asia includes two videos, centering on the themes of migration and language. In our film review, in the wake of Batman, Superman, and Spiderman another forty-year-old comic book has been adapted for our cinema screens. It's time for "Iron Man" to make his mark. Reviewer Gary Pollard tells us more. At Lumenvisum, in the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre in Sham Shui Po, is a photography exhibition called, in English, "Nocturne". It features a new series of black and white photographs by local photographer Alfred Ko Chi-keung. The Chinese title of the exhibition literally means "Ritual of the Night". The two titles are designed to capture the ambiguity of the works – does the silence of the night heal, or does it reveal how impossible it is for rituals to resolve mental or social conflict?

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008
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