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Inflation; Shortage of Teachers for Children with Special Needs; Man's Best Friend "This Darling Life" (18 Apr 2008)


Consumer confidence in the US is at a low, and as a result stock markets around the world are showing lacklustre performance. At the same time inflation, not only in Hong Kong, but also worldwide, is increasing, mostly due to food and fuel prices. Hong Kong's inflation rate as of March was 8%. And food prices are a major cause. In the studio with us to discuss the effect of food prices on inflation regionally and internationally is Andrew Macintosh, the General Manager of the National Australia Bank, Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Council of Social Service recently announced the results of a survey on the turnover rate for staff in voluntary agencies for 2007. In special childcare centres the turnover rate for teachers was higher than 33%. The recently booming economy has played a part in the high turnover rate. Some teachers have moved to private tutorial centres that provide services for special needs children. Another factor is the lack of training opportunities and career prospects. Angie Chen directed several award-winning films in the 1980s, as well as TV commercials. She began making the documentary "This Darling Life" two and a half years ago when her 16-year-old dog was dying. It's Hong Kong's first feature-length documentary to focus on the relationship between humans and animals.

The Pulse
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Friday, April 18, 2008
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