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From Idea To Cash (29 Sep 2004)


Turning Ideas Into Wealth : HON Bing-wah and SO Man-yee, who are graphic designers, have made 50 designs of octopus card in Shanghai, in addition to the souvenirs for Shanghai' s bid for World Expo 2010.Ideas Turnaround : A tailor-made photo album can be made from a piece of cloth by Louise Garnaut.Ideas Esat Ideas West : American Paul Moller, who is working on a flying car, which can fly 35 mph over short distance.Two young local architects, Henry Lai and his partner, prioritize human needs in all of their design projects and getting more and more contracts. Ideas Successors : Two 14-year-old boys invented a robot for household security, and won the champion of Secondary School Group in the 2003 Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Invention Contest.Under constrained living conditions, an Indian peasant, Pathak, used bamboo to make shoes, clothes, hats, dentures as well as bicycle. Pathak won a prize of 25,000 Indian Rupee (HK$35,000) in 2001. The Indian National Invention Fund has decided to enhance his bamboo bicycle and introduce them to the markets of developing countries.

From Idea To Cash
Publish Date: 
Wednesday, September 29, 2004
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