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From Idea To Cash (28 Jul 2004)


Turning Ideas Into Wealth : A young Hong Kong couple, Clarence and Hannah gave a new character to Roosevelt Hotel, which is highly regarded by the Americans. One Idea Many Ways to Go : A local designer used monochromatic paint to make porcelain. She designed some western tableware with monochromatic paint. Ideas Turnaround : An ordinary folding chair can also inspire creativity. A set of Dai-pai-dongs folding chair could become fashion furniture. Ideas East Ideas West : Dean Kamen, who is a millionaire, has 150 other inventions under his name. One of them is Segway, which is a wonder car controlled by moving your body. Ideas Successors : A teacher from the Polytechnic University ask his students to design cars to inspire their creativity. The Nanhai Fu Di Company has decided to manufacture 50,000 of one of the students ’ designs.

From Idea To Cash
Publish Date: 
Wednesday, July 28, 2004
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