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From Idea To Cash (11 Aug 2004)


Turning Ideas Into Wealth : A famous designer, Alan Yip, got a job in Phillips Corporation in the Netherlands 16 years ago. However, he came back to Hong Kong because he believed that Hong Kong designers could help the local industry to grow. And now he became the first local product designer hired by The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited. Ideas Turnaround : A Hong Kong designer, Dennis Chan, decorated phone boxes for Taiwan. One Idea Many Ways to Go : Phonature, a computer software, converts sound into visual patterns according to the characteristics of the sound being processed. It is not only a tuning meter but also helps the language learners. Phonature often hits the top ten list of the best-selling music software. Ideas Successors : Paul Lai, a primary 6 boy, inherits a sense of innovation from his grandfather. He has created several inventions including “ Multipurpose Walking Stick ” and the award-winning “ Butter Heater ” . His curiosity and creativity are boosted by his family ’s endurance and supports.

From Idea To Cash
Publish Date: 
Wednesday, August 11, 2004
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