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[How to convince the pan-democrats to support the government proposal?] ; [What should Hong Kong do to prevent seasonal flu outbreak?] (12 Apr 2015)


Anthony Wu (CPPCC National Standing Committee Member), a very prominent political figure who has an idea of the thinking in Beijing and the thinking of the Hong Kong delegates who pass on information to Beijing. The program invites Mr. Wu to talk about how do they convince some of the 27 pan-democrats to support the government proposal, when the final package of proposals presented to LegCo? In addition, Hong Kong is in the middle of a very severe seasonal flu outbreak. Some people were drawing comparisons to SARS and the way the government responded during SARS. As the former chairman of the Hospital Authority, Mr. Wu talks about whether or not the government is taking the outbreak a little lightly? What measure should do more to prevent the disease?

Publish Date: 
Sunday, April 12, 2015
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