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Hong Kong Maritime Museum opens; Hayley Westenra comes to town; Modern Music Festival in Guangzhou; Movie Review: "I'm Not Scared" (06 Sep 2005)


While much of Hong Kong's history stems from its harbour and its connections with the sea, for a long time the territory has been without a museum dedicated to its sea-faring past. Opening to the public this Friday, the Maritime Museum celebrates the nautical history of Hong Kong and the South China Coast. We take a look inside. A love for music led Hayley Westenra to take up the violin, piano and ballet. She had appeared in 40 amateur stage musicals in Christchurch, New Zealand by the time she was 11. Her international break came at the age of 15 with her debut album "Pure". It sold over two million copies worldwide and topped the United Kingdom's classical music chart. Hayley was in Hong Kong late last month to meet her fans and promote her second international release, "Odyssey". For many of the world ’ s most popular musicians, a show in Hong Kong is a natural part of any Asian tour. When it comes to the international independent rock music - or Indie - scene though Hong Kong tends to get bypassed. A recent Modern Music Festival in Guangzhou suggests that, with affordable venues and a largely untapped music market, some cities in mainland China could end up leading Hong Kong in the Indie music stakes. In our movie review segment, Gary Pollard talks about Gabriele Salvatore's "I'm Not Scared", an Italian movie in which a ten year old boy makes disturbing discoveries about the adult world around him.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005
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