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Hong Kong: Love Disparity (08 Sep 2005)


This episode showcases the story of 3 patients.10 years ago, Mary, at 19, married to Hong Kong from Thailand. In a prenatal checkup, she was diagnosed with HIV which she thought was contracted from her ex-boyfriend in Thailand. Although her husband did not abandon her, Mary decided to leave him in the hope that he might find someone else better. 10 years on, she still believed in love and held no complaint against anyone.Ah Lok married young. Tired of the relationship with his wife several years later, he started an affair with a prostitute. One year later, his health deteriorated. In 1999, he was seriously ill and finally went into a coma due to an AIDS complication. His wife took care of him until he recovered. And they parted company peacefully.At Christmas in 1990, Kent got acquaintance with his first boy friend and established his gay identity. On Christmas Eve in 1994, he fell out of love and started to have one night stands. At Christmas in 1995, he suffered from AIDS. He never thought he would live on until 1997 and beyond the millennium. As an AIDS patient and a homosexual, he felt he had a mission to make active participation in educational works and social services. Last year, he even went back to school to study.According to statistics collected in the 3rd quarter of 2004 by the Health Department, there were 2457 HIV carriers and 703 AIDS cases in Hong Kong. The government urges citizens to stay on guard against the disease as Hong Kong has a high population mobility and is contiguous to China and Thailand.Since the 1st AIDS patient turned up in 1985, all those who had openly revealed their AIDS identity had passed away in succession. Social discrimination forces AIDS patients to live in the dark. The above-mentioned three persons took the courage to tell their story in the hope of letting people know they were no different from ordinary people. Until AIDS patients do not need to keep their identity in the dark and can enjoy equal esteem and rights as all of us do, our society could not be regarded as one that faces the disease positively.

Global Aid for AIDS
Publish Date: 
Thursday, September 8, 2005
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