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[HK Chief Justice Andrew Li to retire early] [videorecording] ; [Testing students in school for drugs] (06 Sep 2009)


Today's guests Mr. Roderick Woo who is a Privacy Commissioner for personal data and Ms. Pricilla Leung who is an independent legislator would discuss two different topics which are the issues on Chief justice Andrew Li's early retirement and the school drug testing. For the first topic, following questions would be discussed: Does Mr. Woo worry about the process of selecting a new Chief justice that would be interference from Beijing? Should Beijing have influence in selecting the next Chief justice? For the drug testing, discussion would be focusing on the letter which had been sent to secretary of Education by Roderick Woo. Mr. Roderick Woo tries to explain that purpose and the act of sending the letter. Finally, they will express their views on the voluntary scheme on drug testing

Publish Date: 
Sunday, September 6, 2009
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