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Going It Alone; The Tree Man; Film Review - "The Band's Visit"; CCDC's "Seasonal Syndromes"; Four Gig Heads (15 Apr 2008)


Performing artists can get their funding from a variety of sources: private patrons, government sponsorship, or just plain selling tickets. In Hong Kong many art groups go to the government for funding, but one, Jim Chim Shui-man's PIP, has decided it's time to cut the ties. Next Tuesday is Earth Day, 2008, the aim of which is to highlight the need for us to exercise careful stewardship of our planet. At Cyberport, Earth Day is being celebrated over 12 days, from April 10th to 22nd. Last Saturday, one of the highlights was a tree, but this was no ordinary tree. "The Band ’ s Visit" is a gentle comedy about the eight members of the Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra who – on a trip to Israel for a concert – find themselves stranded in the wrong town. As they are Egyptian and as the people they are speaking to are Israeli, they spend much of the time speaking in English.Unfortunately they spend so much time talking English that the movie was disqualified from the "Best Foreign Language Film" category in the Academy Awards. But audiences and critics have generally raved about this first movie by writer and director Eran Kolirin. Gary Pollard tells us more. It's April, traditionally the month in which spring begins, although you might not be able to tell given that the seasons seem so mixed up lately. This weekend at the City Hall Theatre, the City Contemporary Dance Company is presenting three dances based on the seasons, and on Vivaldi's musical tribute to them. We talked to Dominic Wong and Mui Cheuk-yin, two of the four choreographers involved. We end tonight's show with a visit to the studio of, and an interview with, local percussion band "Four Gig Heads". They also play us a sample of their music.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008
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