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English on English subtitles on TV; Director and actor from movie "Le Grand Role"; Viral Marketing; Movie Review - "After the Sunset" (09 Dec 2004)


Ben Pelletier co-presents with Claudia Mo, as Tim Hamlett is away. As of this month the BA stipulates that English subtitles need to be on English news and current affairs programmes on TV, partly as a language teaching aid, but there's little direct research to support its effectiveness in that. TVB and ATV say they have had many complaints, and lost viewers. Would Chinese subtitles on English programmes work better? Ben Pelletier interviews Steve Suissa, the French movie director of "Le Grand Role", showing in the French Cinepanorama festival, and actor Olivier Sitruck who appears in the film. We take a brief look at other media news, including the government-sponsored articles in papers to support the West Kowloon Cultural Development, and a four page protest ad from New Territories' residents. Advertising is changing in a big way, largely thanks to the Internet, but also due to other new technologies. We look at "viral marketing". You don't just look at it - you spread it. Movie Watch: Gary Pollard on the new Pierce Brosnan caper movie: "After the Sunset". And news of RTHK's new DVD sales and the 80th Birthday Celebration of "Uncle Ray" Cordeiro.

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Thursday, December 9, 2004
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