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E-waste and the environment; A green tax on plastic bags; A Kuomintang delegation visits mainland China (01 Apr 2005)


E-waste and the environment. Computers are increasingly being seen as a disposable commodity. But disposing of them brings risks to both the environment and the people who live in it. Hong Kong has 90 computer dumping sites, at which levels of toxic substances are sometimes well over acceptable limits. Legislators have asked for tighter controls of the disposal of toxic e-waste. We also look at Financial Secretary Henry Tang's budget speech proposal to introduce a green tax to reduce the number of plastic bags we get through. Currently 1,064 tonnes of plastic gets dumped every day. Most of it is not bio-degradable. And there was a historic visit to the mainland by a 34-strong Kuomintang delegation this week, in which both sides pledged to work towards unification. The current Taiwanese government bitterly denounced the visit, which draws a line under six decades of hostility. Former Taiwanese National Assembly member Susie Chiang and the Far Eastern Economic Review's Hugo Restall are in the studio to discuss the ramifications of the visit with presenter Steve Vines.

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Friday, April 1, 2005
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