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[Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum ; Film review : "Paris, Je T'aime" ; A booming art market ; Violinist David Garrett] (12 Dec 2006)


Just today a new museum opened in Hong Kong, a museum that combines a focus on a historical figure with the preservation of one of our relatively few remaining historical buildings. The figure is revolutionary Dr Sun Yat-sen. The building is the Kom Tong Hall. "Paris Je T'Aime" is what used to be called a portmanteau movie, a film in which several film-makers each film their own stories or segments. Often films like these contain episodes by three of four directors. "Paris Je T'aime" has 20 directors, and eighteen segments, each one about a different neighbourhood of France's capital. Over the past few months several new art galleries have opened up, so are things looking up for those who buy art, whether for investment or pleasure? German-American violinist David Garrett has been wowing audiences since he was fourteen years old. He was lavished with praise by such luminaries as Zubin Mehta, Isaac Stern, and Yehudi Menuhin, and he's performed with orchestras all over the world. Today, he's promoting cross-over music, hoping to bring the violin to a wider audience. He was in Hong Kong last week.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
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