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District Council review: fall of heavy-weight councillors & rise of "Umbrella Soldiers", tactic of split votes, discussion with Emily Lau of DP, Holden Chow of DAB and Joseph Cheng, Power for Democracy (28 Nov 2015)


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Last Sunday’s District Council elections were seen by many as the opportunity to deliver a defining political verdict on last year’s Umbrella Movement protest. If that’s true, voters certainly did have something to say. The turnout rate was 47%, up 5.5% on 2011, and a record high. As always, pro-government candidates had more resources. This time, reporters documented how transportation services, mainly for elderly voters led to ‘advice’ being given on how they should vote, even so it appears that it left some of them rather confused. Once again, the pro-government side took the majority of seats, although the DAB, the biggest pro-government party lost 17 seats. Pro-democratic candidates, on the other hand, gained 25 seats. In part one, we highlighted some of the results in the District Council elections. Now for the post mortem. And with us in the studio are Emily Lau, Chairman of the Democratic Party, Holden Chow, Vice-chairman of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong and Joseph Cheng, Deputy Convenor of Power for Democracy.

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Saturday, November 28, 2015
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