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The deadly flu and discussion with Kwok Ka-ki, young people starting their businesses (06 Feb 2015)


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So far this year more than one hundred people have died of the flu, and the number is rapidly rising. Tuesday saw the highest death toll in a single day this year, with 12 deaths. And the even worse news is that there is not likely to be a vaccine against the deadliest H3N2 strain until April. With us in the studio is Kwok Ka-ki on why the goverenment hasn't done enough to tackle the crisis. After the blooming of the Umbrella Movement and the dissatisfaction so many people have expressed with Hong Kong’s proposed political development, finding ways to distract young people from taking to the streets has become a major government concern. Their thinking seems to be that this can be solved by more local movies, more cinemas and pop concerts, encouraging love for the motherland. In addition there are plans to give the young more money to set up their own businesses.

The Pulse
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Friday, February 6, 2015
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