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The Coral Village (02 Sep 2008)


In recent years, people of Hong Kong have become more concerned with the environment. Those who are pessimistic worry that the urban sprawl has already caused irreversible damage to our natural habitats, both on land and underwater. But optimists can still find extensive parts of our waters in good condition. Our amazing marine habitat tells us how mankind and nature can actually co-exist in harmony.Do you know:We don't have coral reefs in Hong Kong, but out of the total of over 800 coral species in the world, 1/10 of them can be found in Hong Kong. The coral communities have attracted over 300 species of coral fishes to live in Hong Kong.The fish diversity recorded here matches that of the Caribbean, where the most extensive coral reefs are found in the world.In this episode, we will take a close look at the coral habitats and the interesting behaviour of their inhabitants.Producer: Lo Man KiProduction Units:Ocean Sky Diving Co. Ltd. / New Page Communications

Sea World Odyssey
Publish Date: 
Tuesday, September 2, 2008
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