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The continuation of the oath-taking saga in Legco and discussion with former legislator, Alan Leong & the worsening living conditions in HK: shoebox home (29 Oct 2016)


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 The political stalemate continues, both inside and outside Legco. On Wednesday, Legco President Andrew Leung decided his former principled stance may not have been such a good idea after all, and so performed a zippy U-turn, deciding not to let two democratically-elected Youngspiration lawmakers retake their oaths, and banning them from entering the chamber. With us in the studio to talk about the issue is former legislator Alan Leong. No one bears the brunt of Hong Kong’s skyrocketing property prices more than the poor. The government has introduced “hostile architecture” to discourage homeless people from sleeping on park benches or under flyovers. Instead, many people sleep in 24-hour McDonald’s cafes. Even those who not homeless find that the cost of a cramped bed space – laughing described as a home - is going up. Rents for subdivided flats in some parts of Hong Kong have jumped 70% over the past four years. One landlady recently crammed 20 coffin-like spaces into a flat with a 659 square feet useable area. She says they come equipped with “Luxury Decoration”. That means purple LED lighting, foam body shape memory mattresses, and the look of a space ship cabin. And it’s all yours for just HK$5,100 a month. That’s it from us for this week. On Thursday, retired judge Woo Kwok-hing declared his intention to run for Chief Executive, making him the first person to announce his candidacy So…the race is on. See you next week. Goodbye.

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Saturday, October 29, 2016
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