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China: Any Harm? (15 Sep 2005)


Due to its geographical position – contiguous to Myanmar, Lao and Vietnam, Yunnan is the only way where drugs are smuggled to China. In 1989, it was discovered for the first time in the border district that there were 146 HIV patients who were drug addicts by injection. As at September 2004, the number of HIV infection had topped 10,700. Drug taking is still the main source of the spread of AIDS in China.To prevent AIDS, it should start with banning drugs. Compulsory and voluntary drug treatment centers are set up across China but the successful rate for detoxification is low. In March 2004, the “ Yunan Province AIDS Prevention Methods ” document was first introduced to give green light to the fight against AIDS in China.Methadone maintenance, exchange of clean syringe, promotion of condom – these are all launched under the protection of laws. In its pioneering stage, the scheme has to face many difficulties, such as moral criticism and insufficient funds. The government has to be determined to extend the scheme to areas with serious AIDS problems like west Guangdong and Xinjiang.

Global Aid for AIDS
Publish Date: 
Thursday, September 15, 2005
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