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Challenges from the Nature (16 Sep 2008)


We have over 200 islands in Hong Kong. Our long and meandering coastline has nurtured rich biodiversity here. Animals living on our coastline exhaust their dexterity and strength to meet the challenges from nature.The cycle of low and high tides has a great effect on the marine life of rocky shores and beaches. Besides, seasonal changes make survival an even tougher task: winters are cold and dry while summers are hot and wet, with occasional typhoon attacks. The rough seas and heavy rainfall that typhoons bring about put marine life at an even greater risk.Hong Kong is located within the northern margins of the tropics. We have a rich diversity of crabs here, with over 300 recorded species. In various intertidal zones, you can easily find over 50 species of crabs. The 3rd episode of "Sea World Odyssey" will take you on a journey to the shores to explore the survival tactics of fiddler crabs, barnacles, mussels, mudskippers and much more.Producer: Shum Wan-wah;Production Units:;Ocean Sky Diving Co. Ltd./;New Page Communications

Sea World Odyssey
Publish Date: 
Tuesday, September 16, 2008
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