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Carrie Lam runs CE, smog in HK & tribute to Clare Hollingworth (14 Jan 2017)


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The Hong Kong Palace Museum controversy suggests, Chief Secretary Carrie Lam knows how to keep a secret. Not so secretive is her ambition to run for Chief Executive. On Thursday, that particular cat was finally let out of the bag. On Monday, the government, which tends to underestimate these things by international standards, issued a “Very High” Air Quality Health Index, and warned children, the elderly, or those with heart or respiratory illness, to minimize outdoor activities. According to Hong Kong figures, on Sunday the level of harmful PM2.5 particulates In Tung Chung had reached as much as 141.3 micrograms per cubic metre, almost six times the World Health Organisation’s safety limit of 25. But compared to the World Air Quality Index, Hong Kong’s figures seem to underestimate the problem. That index recorded even higher pollution levels, with maximum PM2.5 readings reaching 196. So are we playing down the dangers? And what are the factors affecting our air? With me in the studio is Community Relations Manager of the Clean Air Network, Loong Tsz Wai. On Tuesday, veteran British journalist, Clare Hollingworth died in her Hong Kong home at the age of 105. She was best known as the journalist who, in 1939, less than a week into her first job, broke the news that Germany was about to invade Poland and start World War II. As a war correspondent, she covered conflicts in Algeria, Vietnam, North Africa and in the Middle East, and wrote five books. A recent biography also revealed that while working with a charity in Poland Hollingworth had helped between two and three thousand refugees flee to Britain to escape the Nazis. We’ll leave you with some images we filmed at her 90th birthday party at the FCC with fellow veteran correspondent, Antony Lawrence.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017
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