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[Body movies/Light attack ; Film review : "Pulse" ; Asia Cultural Co-operation Forum ; Polish jazz pianist Slawek Jaskulke] (14 Nov 2006)


Through the use of media art two international artists are taking up the challenge to reclaim Hong Kong's public space. At the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront up to Sunday, a large interactive installation called Body Movies is being projected on to the walls of the Museum of Art at night, encouraging the public to cast their shadows and make this space their own. Last weekend, in a work called "Light Attack" Daniel Sauter was projecting a virtual tourist named Earl onto walls, buildings, and passersby from a moving car. In our film review, Gary Pollard looks at the Hollywood remake of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's film "Kairo". The remake is called "Pulse" and where the original was allusive and disturbing, the American version is closer to teen sci-fi. Last week Hong Kong hosted this year's Asia Cultural Co-operation Forum, an annual event initiated by the Home Affairs Bureau in 2003. The aim of the five-day forum, which ended on Sunday, is to foster regional cultural co-operation, share good practices and promote culture, the arts, and creative industries. The Works was there to talk to some of the participants. As part of its "Music Without Borders" series last Thursday evening, RTHK's Radio 4 broadcast a live concert by young Polish jazz pianist S?awek Jasku?ke. He talks to us about his love for the piano, and plays us out this week.

The Works
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
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