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Bird flu - panic or prudence?; Food safety; Gender Discrimination in Uniformed Services....or not; Yahoo and Privacy (04 Nov 2005)


Although bird flu has been bubbling under as a threat for years now, suddenly the world has sat up and taken notice, possibly because it is only just arriving in the West. People and companies are stockpiling Tamiflu, government advice seems spotty at best, and there's talk of an international company taking over centralised poultry slaughtering in Hong Kong. But how do we, and the WHO, balance the line between alarmism and prudence? How safe is our food? This week in Legco Wong Yung-kan raised the issue of administration shortcomings in the regulation of food safety, its slow reaction to emergencies and the inadequacies in the notification system between Hong Kong and the mainland, and asked the government to do better. But can we balance safety and business? We talk to importers, wholesalers, retailers, and politicians. Equality or Discrimination? If a job has a physical fitness requirement or component, is it sexual discrimination to expect the same level of fitness from male and female recruits? Some women who have applied for jobs in the Customs and Excise Department say it is. Emily Lau raises their claim in Legco this week. But doesn't this fly in the face of women's groups' claims that women can compete on an equal basis with men? And shouldn't the needs of the job over-ride those of the applicant? Yahoo's currently under fire for giving personal details to the government of mainland China, a decision that led to the arrest of journalist Shi Tao. We talk to Jack Qiu, who has studied internet usage on the mainland, about the implications.

The Pulse
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Friday, November 4, 2005
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