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Beijing - Open for the Olympics?; Olympic Fever in Hong Kong; Corporate Social Responsibility (08 Aug 2008)


<p>With tonights opening of the 2008 Olympic Games, much of the world&#39;s attention for the next two weeks is going to be on Beijing, and &ndash; in a wider sense &ndash; on China. For the authorities it&#39;s a chance to show how successfully they can host a major international event, a major feather in the cap if all goes well. And &ndash; like any host city &ndash; Beijing has had to make adjustments. But China has also promised to improve human rights, and to give journalists virtually unrestricted access. Putting it mildly, there&#39;s mixed evidence on how well that&#39;s going. At the same time, the authorities know that having the world&#39;s attention trained on you provides a particular temptation for acts of protest, both peaceful and violent. So how is China responding? With us in the studio are Sharon Hom of Human Rights in China, student and activist Christina Chan, and journalist Ilaria Maria Sala of Il Diario. In part one looked at how the Olympic Games are affecting Beijing, and how the city&#39;s responding. Here in Hong Kong this week, local athletes made their way to Beijing, as a 9-time Olympic gold-medallist swimmer came to town, and a local theatre group is examining how Hong Kong soccer players took part in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. In 2002, Bernard Chan initiated the Caring Company scheme, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Council of Social Services. The aim was to encourage local businesses to give something back to the community, to exercise corporate social responsibility. That&#39;s not the only initiative emphasising corporate social responsibility. More companies are realising the merits of CSR, which means integrating your business with environmental and social responsibility. It also involves persuading shareholders that spending money on social wellbeing can pay off.</p>

The Pulse
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Friday, August 8, 2008
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