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Back From Guangzhou; More International Companies come to Hong Kong; Hong Kong's Retail Business - Good Service?; Redesigning The Peak (30 Sep 2005)


Our legislators returned from Guangzhou on Monday. Was the trip meaningful for future relations between them and Beijing, or was it just a photo-opportunity designed to boost the C.E.'s popularity? The number of international companies choosing Hong Kong for their regional offices or headquarters rose 5% in the past year to a record high, according to a government survey issued on Monday. But, at the same time, one international survey claimed that Hong Kong is slipping down the competitiveness ranks. So there's good news, and bad news. A survey by Poly U this week found that, among mainland shoppers, the "brand image index" of HK retailers had dropped from 104.5 in the previous survey in January to March to 99.6 in July to August. It found that the respondents were less satisfied with the Putonghua efficiency of retail workers. Mainlanders were no longer attracted by the "high class" image of HK retail brands as many of the brands had already entered the mainland market. We look at how well the retail sector is giving service. As Disney boosts tourism for Hong Kong, many visitors are still going to want to visit the established attractions. One designer has plans to make Hong Kong's Peak more special for visitors by restoring its Victorian, and colonial, identity. It's Hong Kong's colonial past that makes it different from many other Chinese cities, but not everyone wants to see that past celebrated.

The Pulse
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Friday, September 30, 2005
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