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3rd Reinterpretation of the Basic Law; The "Feminization of Poverty"; The Papal succession (08 Apr 2005)


The first and second reading of the bill to amend the Chief Executive Ordinance were passed in this Wednesday's Legislative Council session. If it passes the Bills Committee Hong Kong's next Chief Executive could have a two-year term of office after the July 10 election. However, after two legal challenges, the administration this week announced it will also ask for the National People's Congress Standing Committee to interpret the Basic Law regarding the length of tenure of Tung Chee-hwa's successor. It's the 3rd interpretation so far. Local women's groups warn that poverty has long threatened many middle-aged women. According to government figures, around 70% of CSSA recipients are either elderly women or the female heads of single-parent families. Women also make up 60% of the full-time working population that earns less than $5000 per month. This week legislator Chan Yuen-han introduced a motion asking the government to pay more attention to what she calls the "feminization of poverty". The funeral of Pope John Paul II took place on our broadcast day. We talked to Anthony Lam of the Holy Spirit Study Centre, about the implications of the papal succession for Taiwan, mainland China and the Vatican.

The Pulse
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Friday, April 8, 2005
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