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2008 - Looking Back (19 Dec 2008)


2008 is certainly going to remain in many of our memories as an eventful year, both locally and internationally. Like the rest of the world, Hong Kong is coping with an economic downturn that's placed added pressure on politicians and particular strain on the less well-off members of the community. Meanwhile the administration's popularity continues to slide. Perhaps partly because of that we've had a Legco election in which pro-Democratic politicians did rather better than expected. The United States has elected its first non-white president, Barack Obama, promising a new era of change. But the grim reality of terrorism remains stubbornly unchanged, as emphasised by the recent terrorist attack in Mumbai. So there is no exaggeration in saying it's been an eventful year in which international events have had a distinct impact, here in Hong Kong, as much as elsewhere. Tonight, even though the year is not quite over, we look back at 2008 with Chris Yeung, Editor-at-large of the South China Morning Post, politician and social worker Fernando Cheung, and Peter Stein the Hong Kong Bureau Chief of the Wall Street Journal Asia.

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Friday, December 19, 2008
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