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論題: 老人院慘淪為虐老院 政府無力匡正真悽酸?Discussion on: Quality and monitoring of private residential care homes for the elderly (31 May 2015)


舉行地點: 維多利亞公園涼亭 Venue: Band Stand, Victoria Park 葉文娟 社會福利署署長 Carol YIP Director of Social Welfare 張超雄 立法會長期護理政策聯合小組委員會主席 Fernando CHEUNG Chiu-hung Chairman, Joint Subcommittee on Long-term Care Policy, LegCo 陳志育 香港安老服務協會主席 Kenneth CHAN Chairman, The Elderly Services Association of Hong Kong 李迦密 老人權益促進會主席 LEE Kar-mut Chairman, Association for the Rights of the Elderly

Publish Date: 
Sunday, May 31, 2015
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