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論題: 傘後區選‧新舊更替 劍指立會‧再有所為?Discussion on: The results and indications of District Council Election (29 Nov 2015)


舉行地點:維多利亞公園涼亭 Venue: Band Stand, Victoria Park 鄭達鴻 候任區議員(東區) CHENG Tat-hung Designate Elected Member, Eastern District Council 徐子見 候任區議員(東區) CHUI Chi-kin Designate Elected Member, Eastern District Council 林作 區議會選舉參選人(黃大仙區) Joseph LAM Chok Candidate, District Council Election (Wong Tai Sin) 楊哲安 區議會選舉參選人(南區) Jeremy YOUNG Chit-on Candidate, District Council Election (Southern)

Publish Date: 
Sunday, November 29, 2015
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