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When it comes to technology, Hong Kong does not rank very high in the world. But there is really no lack of talent. The question is how to keep them and how to fund research and development.

時代的記錄 鏗鏘集

第五集「時代的記錄-鏗鏘集」《鏗鏘集》1992年《居英權》1997年《綠草如茵》 第一節《居英權》:面對九七回歸及六四事件衝擊,不少具專業資格的港人申請居英權,首批申請成功的逾二萬六千人。節目走訪了幾位申請者,談談他們對居英權的看法,及其雖有居英權而仍然留港的心態。